The Cabo Jewish Center (CJC) was founded in 2006, when the need arose for a Jewish community to be established in the city. With foreign businessmen moving to Cabo to expand their horizons, as well as tourist traffic rising in the region, Tijuana based philanthropist Don Jose Galicot contacted Rabbi Mendel Polichenco in Tijuana and suggested the idea of a Jewish center being opened and catering to any Jewish person in Cabo, regardless of affiliation or religious background.

Nine years later, the Jewish community of Cabo is quickly growing and blossiming into a thriving, warm and welcoming community. With supportive and exciting members, as well as innovative and animated services, the CJC is sure to inspire and rejuvenate any Jewish soul that comes in contact with it.

Rabbi Benny and Sonia Hershcovich moved to Los Cabos in March, 2009 and proudly direct and organize the services and events that the CJC provides. If there is any Jewish resident or tourist in Los Cabos, he or she is more than welcome to join the CJC family and spend a meaningful, delicious friday night, partake in festive holiday services, or just sit back, relax and enjoy a class... Whatever it is, you are welcome to your home in Cabo.