Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cabo safe?

Yes, Cabo is very safe. But just like every other city, if you go looking for trouble in the wrong places or caught in the slums, then that’s all on you. So if you just come to enjoy the sun, beaches and activities, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

What's the deal with drinking the water in Cabo?

Mexico in general doesn’t have the best water treatment, so many foreigners and even some locals just end up drink bottled water. Doesn’t make life too difficult, it’s very cheap and easy to stock up on purified water.

If you’re in a hotel, they purify their water themselves so there is nothing to worry about there.

To brush your teeth or use it to wash vegetables, there shouldn’t be a problem using tap water.

What are the Kosher symbols to look out for in Cabo?

These are some Kosher mexican symbols that should be good, Vk aleph aleph, vaad kashrut, MK from Monterey, KMD, Magen David, or One Kosher. And then of course there are the typical American ones like the OU and the Star-k, and OUD.

If you want a list, here are some websites to check out, they are in spanish though.

Chabad of Cabo does not endorse or take responsibility for any of the above mentioned Kashrut Authorities.

Are there any Kosher foods already available in Cabo?

There are a bunch of stores here that sell some kosher food. For example, Costco has tuna fish, OU Glatt sausages, Chalav Yisrael Natural and Kosher cheeses, salmon etc. Walmart, La Comer, Soriana, Chedraui have smoked salmon, fruits, veggies, pastas, eggs, sugars rice, cereal, ketchup, mustard, Dolores brand tuna (not bishul yisrael), etc. 

Corn tortillas fresh are usually kosher and they’re shehakol.

Yogurts, milk, and spreads can be found here but they are cholov akum.

If you want Cholov Yisrael milk, we get ours from the farm so let us know earlier and we will try to get you some.

Wine is available at La Europea.

For those looking for ice cream shops that are OUD, there is a Ben and Jerry's and a Haagen Dasz. 

Regarding drinks, most Coca Cola drinks are not kosher, for example gatorade, powerade, sprite, etc. Only proper Coke and Coca Cola Light.

And then of course, we have our restaurant Baja Kosher right on the Marina.  

Email or text us as things are inconsistent in Cabo so we’ll let you know what's available.

What can't I bring into Mexico for the trip?

Raw chicken, meat, and vegetables will be taken away, it’s not worth taking the risk. Occasionally cheese they’ll take away too depending on their mood, but everything else like bread and crackers should be fine.

Can I get food to my hotel room and for Shabbat?

Yes, we at Baja Kosher do deliver with an extra fee. We also have options for Shabbat meals which we also deliver. You can check out our Shabbat menu on

What's the best way to get around town?

It really depends where you’re hotel is at and what you plan on doing. If you don't plan to leave your hotel too much, it's probably best to take shuttles (which should be 21 dollars a person from cabo to the airport) or taxis (which are usually expensive). If you do want to rent a car, there are mandatory insurances so even if you find something cheap online, they’ll just hike the prices once you get here. At most, you should be getting a car for around 45 dollars a day. If you need help finding good prices for a car rental, feel free to could contact us.

Is there a Shul?

Right at the center of town, just 5 blocks up the marina at: Calle Cabo San Lucas esquina Constitucion dept #1, San Lucas, 23430 Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S..

We have a minian every friday night and sometimes Shabbos day too. Let us know and we’ll confirm with you what time. If you have a bunch of guys and want to make your own minian in our shul, we’ll be glad to help you with you’re minyan.

What Hotels are walking distance from the Shul?

5 minute walk (not on the marina)*

   - Hotel Mar de Cortez

      - Hotel Los Milagro

      - Hotel Melida

      - Cabo Bungalows

   10-15 minute walk

   - Cabo Pedregal Hotel (one block from the marina)

      - Tesoro Hotel

      - Sandos Finisterra

   15-20 minute walk

   - Resort at Pedregal (luxury, on the beach)

      - Playa Grande (beach)

      - Grand Solmar (beach)

      - Solmar (beach)

      - Marina Fiesta

      - Hacienda Beach Club (luxury, on the beach)

      - Medano Hotel

      - Fairfield Inn Marriot

      - Seven Crown Hotel

   20-25 minute walk (beachfront resorts)

   - Cabo Villas

      - Casa Dorada

      - Bahia (one block from the beach)

      - Me Cabo

      - Breathless

      - Pueblo Bonito Rose

      - Pueblo Bonito Blanco

      - Cascadas de Baja

   25-35 minute walk (beachfront)

   - Villas del Palmar

      - Villas la Estancia

      - Villas del Arco


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and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.